The random ramblings of a French programmer living in Norway...
  Atari STe 20th anniversary
Wed 25th November 2009   

In 2005 I participated to the online demo competition organized by the group DHS (Dead Hackers Society). With other members of the group Creators we made the Conflict of Interest demo screen, and reached the 3rd position in the compo.

We are now in 2009, and yes 20 years ago - 1989 - this was the unveiling of the Atari STe. Time to do a new demo !

  4 years !
Wed 6th May 2009   

I moved to Norway the 2nd of Mai 2005, so this month was my fourth year in Norway.

At this exact moment I'm following the live feed from the French parliement (Assemblée Nationale) about the HADOPI law "Protection de la création sur Internet", and I have to say that I'm not impressed by this demonstration of democracy.

  User friendliness in the 21st century
Sat 25th April 2009   

One week ago, I got a power cut in my apartment. Nothing too bad, unfortunately it was the second time since the beginning of the year, and for one month or so I had a file server running. Obviously you don't really want the power to cut while somebody is updating your SVN repository.

The solution is simple, I just needed an UPS.

After discussing with some tech-savvy acquaintances, I finally decided to buy an APC Back-UPS ES 700VA.

  ClickSafe is dead
Sat 28th March 2009   
Yesterday, an ex-colleague contacted me, he had sad news for me:

"ClickSafe is dying, we are going to replace it by Perforce."

  Online persistancy
Tue 10th March 2009   

The World Wide Web is not that old.

At least not in the way you, me, and our parents uses it.

Sure, there was all the original military and university networks derived from Arpanet, but what I'm talking about is when the random person could get a modem, a (insanely expensive) subscription to some ISP (which will be gone in less than two years), and a large (100 kilobytes) storage for their personal homepage (accessed from an impossible to remember link using some tildes or complicated city based domain structure).

  Needs a new mobile, let's try Nokia for a change
Mon 2nd March 2009   

Yes, I needed a new mobile.

My very first mobile phone was a Sagem MY X5m, but when I moved to Norway it was not really up to the task, mostly because the battery life was almost gone, but also because the T9 did not have support for Norwegian (I don't even remember if it did English). So I got a fancy Sony Ericsson w800i for my birthday. Apparently it was a fancy present because it was kind of hard to get one, most shops were out of stock.

  Learning norwegian if you are an IT worker, you have to be motivated !
Thu 26th February 2009   
After about two years without Norwegian lessons, I finally decided to take some new ones. Waiting for the company to decide when we will have the next batch of lessons was a bad idea, as one said, better do things yourself if you want them done.

  How to learn linux by setting up a server
Mon 23rd February 2009   
As some of you already know, I decided that Windows Vista was not for me. The number of things that displeased me from Microsoft was large enough to make me seriously consider changing entirely of operating system. Which is why I considered Linux: Mac OS seems cool, but jumping from a proprietary system to another one just seemed very silly.

  Nice winter
Sun 22nd February 2009   
While some of my friends and members of family are in the areas of the world where you need a swim suit and some sun glasses, I just enjoy the relaxing view of the about 60 cm of snow that has fallen from the sky in the two last weeks

  Here we are
Sat 21st February 2009   
Hi Hi, here is a blog.

Yeah I know, most blogs really have no purpose for the vast majority of people, but I guess it is an harmful enough activity.