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  The Oak and the Reed
Sat 1st January 2022   
This year 2022 marks the beginning of another year prolongating the Covid pandemic that many optimistic people thought would just last a few months.

I've been living in Norway since 2005, and after 16ish years, it's quite easy to see how different people, with different cultures and different ways to approach people deal with this type of crisis.

  Retrospective thoughts
Thu 30th September 2021   
This text was originally published on my Facebook page, but apparently it resonated well with some of the readers, so I decided to share it on the blog as well.

  Burning Out
Sat 3rd August 2019   
About two years ago I had to switch gear and "take it easy".

After years not missing any of the Solskogen demo parties, I skipped it for two years in a row, and that year I also stayed in Oslo for the summer holidays instead of going back to France.

Apparently I got hit by a partial burnout.

  My software history (part 4)
Wed 29th April 2015   

Welcome to the fourth (and last) part of this series of articles.

The previous part was about Eden Games, this new one covers the period from when I moved from France to Norway in 2005 to join Funcom.

This article is a bit different from the others, because I am still working at Funcom. All the content of course represents my personal views, other people may disagree :)

  Scandinavian road trip
Sat 26th July 2014   
After some hectic week-ends spent converting the car to a mini camper-van, we were finally ready for our road trip around Norway and Sweden.

  Here comes the leet-mobile! (part 5)
Wed 21st May 2014   

Despite all our previous attempts the engine was not working particularly well, so I decided to do something I should have done a long time ago: Check the compressions.

  Here comes the leet-mobile! (part 4)
Tue 18th June 2013   

After our first drive on the parking we were quite excited, but still there were some issues to deal with: the exhaust had to be fixed and we had to find out why the engine would die on idle.

Even more important, we had two months to fix all the issues before having to pass the EU Technical Control.

  Here comes the leet-mobile! (part 3)
Sat 30th March 2013   

So the Valp was now parked on the parking: Time to get things going.

Is it dead?

The first thing we did of course is to try to start it. Nothing happened. The blinkers and windshield wipers worked so at least we knew there was electricity going on, but since starter engines are notoriously power hungry we decided to buy a battery charger, remove the batteries, and let them charge for quite a long while.

  Here comes the leet-mobile! (part 2)
Tue 26th March 2013   

Now that we knew we wanted one of these horribly cute off-road vehicles, I started to contact the various sellers to ask questions about their state and it quickly appear that you could classify the various available models in three categories based on their prices.

  Here comes the leet-mobile! (part 1)
Sun 10th March 2013   

Been few months since I posted something, not because I had nothing to do, but because of a number of projects I committed myself to help with.

Today’s post is not computer related in any way, it’s about vehicles!

Commuting bliss

I moved to Norway about 8 years ago and have happily used the public transport system all that time.

  Five years in Norway
Sat 1st May 2010   

Celebration time!

Yes! I arrived in Norway the 2nd of May 2005, so this Sunday marks my five years anniversary in Norway. I think it's about time to do a quick look back, and possibly discuss what I can see coming next.

Some people asked me why I moved to Norway in first place: was I unhappy in France, why not moving to USA or UK, if I was planning to come back to France one day - and when -, etc, etc...

  Happy new year 2010
Sun 3rd January 2010   
Ok, I'm a bit late, but I guess the 3rd of January is still a ok time for giving best wishes for the new year.

2009 has been an interesting year - for me at least -: Managed to get through job related hazards, released my 20 years anniversary demo for the Atari STe - with plenty of very nice comments I was not really expecting -, met a nice gf and moved together in a quite nice new apartment - hopefully will not have to move again until a long while -, and got some family visiting for Christmas.

  4 years !
Wed 6th May 2009   

I moved to Norway the 2nd of Mai 2005, so this month was my fourth year in Norway.

At this exact moment I'm following the live feed from the French parliement (Assemblée Nationale) about the HADOPI law "Protection de la création sur Internet", and I have to say that I'm not impressed by this demonstration of democracy.

  Learning norwegian if you are an IT worker, you have to be motivated !
Thu 26th February 2009   
After about two years without Norwegian lessons, I finally decided to take some new ones. Waiting for the company to decide when we will have the next batch of lessons was a bad idea, as one said, better do things yourself if you want them done.

  Nice winter
Sun 22nd February 2009   
While some of my friends and members of family are in the areas of the world where you need a swim suit and some sun glasses, I just enjoy the relaxing view of the about 60 cm of snow that has fallen from the sky in the two last weeks