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  Everyday Preppers
Sun 5th November 2017   
Did you know that your ancestors were preppers?

I'm not talking of Doomsday Preppers, no. I'm talking of common sense people who did not have access to a 24/7 open Super Market or a 30 minutes guarantee Pizza Delivery Service.

  My software history (part 1)
Sun 2nd March 2014   
Sometimes on IRC you find people you've not met in many, many years. Inevitably at some point the discussion have to go round what you've been doing all these years, if you are still a programmer, where you are working, etc.. etc... and then of course younger participants start asking questions about our older stuff, probably because they are not used to interact with dinosaurs who actually programmed in COBOL, used black and white terminals, and even touched punch cards.

  Backups Better safe than sorry!
Sun 4th April 2010   

Do you copy?

When I ask to my family, friends and colleagues how they proceed to keep safe their important digital data, most of the time I get one of these answers:
- I've nothing worth keeping
- Well, it's on the PC/Mac so it's safe no?
- I have copies of all my files in another folder on my hardrive !
- I'm doing backups regularly on cd/dvd/exernal hardrive
admittedly some people are answering differently because they have already been burnt by the issue of unsafe backups and have solved the issue by implementing a real strategy.

So let me tell you why should you be worried about the notion of backups.